The bear was born in 2015 somewhere in Europe. Short after his birth, he decided to join Benjamin and Severin and their plan to travel to the black sea. He can’t talk or walk or anything else, so that’s the reason why Benjamin und Severin have to take care of him. He is a very good listener and always cares for the people around him.


Benjamin Held (1988) is an expert in producing video. Excited about animation and film he became a master of Adobe After Effects and Premiere. Working with different cameras isn’t an issue for him. Writing concepts and developing design are his strenghts. Besides his studies he loves to do sports and fix his bikes.


Severin Bruhin (1992) is a genius of combining sound and visual media. Fascinated about the variety of the media world, he loves to film, animate and produce sound. In his spare time he plays all instruments you can imagine.   Telling Stories and Social media are some of his main specialities.