The project „Between Here And There“ grew out of an idea of Severin Bruhin and Benjamin Held in January 2015 and will be implemented during their design diploma at Zurich University of Arts (ZHdK). Both of them study Cast/Audiovisual Media.

Primary Goal:

„Many parents in Romania employ corporal punishment. Violence in schools, by both teachers and other children, is high by world standards, and schools are also the scene of sexual abuse and drugs. Another major issue is child labour. Widespread subsistence farming and rural poverty mean that many young people are involved in agriculture. In the majority of cases the working hours and conditions are exploitative and breach legal requirements, stopping children from going to school or being able to enjoy their leisure time.“ (UNICEF Romania)

Our primary goal is to collect donations and deliver them directly to UNICEF Romania and their children. You can support us on our trip by donating directly on our account¬† or support our „peer to peer“ project on


We travel from our hometown Zurich to Constanta in Romania, at the coast of The Black Sea. With nothing more than our iPhones and what is absolutely necessary, we travel through Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Different means of transportation such as Bus, Car, Bike, Train, Skateboard, Boat, Rollerblades and many more will lead our way.

Social Media:

A giant teddybear, which stand over two meters tall, will be our fellow. He calls attention for the difficulty of the children in Romania and is a symbol for the concern of UNICEF. The Bear helps us to get the project viral and reach more people. Furthermore he will be a burden for us on our journey, what makes it hilarious for our followers to watch.  Daily video updates and Pictures on Facebook and our homepage show our journey. You as a follower can influence how we travel, sleep and what we have to do with our Teddy via Social Media. You can follow our project on our Homepage, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram or Twitter.

Technical Equipment:

In the last view month we got more often confronted with the question if it is possible to produce professional content with the smartphone. There exist already featured movies and documentations produced with the smartphone. We decided to try it on our own and go one step further and produce all contents (video, pictures, sound,…) for our project entirely with the iphone. One of the huge benfits is, that we dont have to carry heavy camera equipment on our journey and are more flexible.